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Performance- based Agreements (PBA)

Chile’s Higher Education System (HES) is facing significant challenges in meeting the country’s development needs and providing the real capabilities and competencies that people require. For over two decades, the system has been growing in educational provision and academic capability, attaining unprecedented levels for the country. In the last few years, however, it has become evident that the system needs to increase quality and strengthen educational equity, and also expand scientific and technological production, as well as innovation. This challenge of renewal poses the need for greater, yet more effectiveand efficient, investment. The public funding instruments that are currently available in Chile consist of transfer of resources or competitive grants based on specific projects, both of which have already demonstrated their full delivery capabilities. Greater funding firepower is now required and it is therefore necessary to introduce other funding instruments that can complement the existing ones and focus on producing significant HES results.

In this context, we highlight the contributions that Performance-based Agreements (PBAs) have made as instruments to finance Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). PBAs began to be implemented in Chile in 2007 in a pilot program. Results thus far point to notable outcomes in various areas (such as the student retention rate and the increase in scientific and technological production). The positive impact of this instrument is becoming apparent and a useful learning base is being generated in order to be able to apply it more broadly across the system.

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Performance- based Agreements and their contribution to higher education funding in Chile

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Regulations and Challenges of Implementing Performance-based Agreements In Tertiary Education in Chile

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